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The Botinator was created by Ben Leman or "Benji" for the purpose of adding AI to BFV custom maps. Ben is a programmer from down under in New Zealand. I got hold of the program its it's early beta stages and begin communicating with Ben in the hopes of getting a bf1942 version. I had found a way to alter things and had gotten it to work with bf1942 and he obliged the community with his last release that worked for both bf1942 and BFV. In working with him I had created a tutorial for its use so here it is.

Arc D. Wrath's Battlefield AI tutorials Arc is considered by the Battlefield AI community as the "Godfather" of Battlefield AI. I learned the basics of adding bots to my maps from Arc as did many others and though out-dated somewhat you will still learn your basics. This is a must read! This is the full package containing the coding and pathmapping tutorial. If you just need the pathmapping tutorial the look in the ED42 tutorials section.

Editor 42 tutorials

Setting up\Using


Now if you read and do practice examples for all the above tutorials you will get a good grip on texturing with ED42.

Pathmap Editing


File Tool Tutorials

RFA tools

Mapping Tools

Lightmapping tools.



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