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A tutorial by:  Cajunwolf

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GUI_RfaPack comes with the Battlefield MDT mod tool and is used to pack Archive and Level (Map) files back to the .rfa format. It has the ability to do full compression like the original game files. This is the same as running the game compression tool with bf1942_r.exe from the command prompt. You want to get the version from the latest MDT ver 2.75. GUI_RfaPack as well as WinRFA can both be run from console or a batch file. The big difference is that GUI_RfaPack will give you in most cases twice the compression.

Now to begin open the MDT and select the "Show All Tools" button. Now open the "RFA Tools" folder and you will see both GUI_RfaPack and winRFA. Place a copy of GUI_RfaPack in your Mod\Archive folder like so:



Now to work with this tool, using winRFA you extract your maps and Archives to your Mods root directory like so:


You can have as many maps extracted as you want and all you do is select a map from the drop down and tick the compression box and select "Pack Level" button.

Now it packs your map to the Mod\Archive\bf1942\levels directory with full compression. Try it with both winRFA and GUI_RfaPack and I think you will see almost or right at twice the compression with GUI_RfaPack. Now to pack the Archives select the one you want to compress, here we are going to do the "standardMesh" archive.

When you click on the "Pack Folder" button it packs the Archive to the Mod\Archive directory with full compression if you have compression ticked, otherwise it compresses to the winRFA level of compression. You will notice the "ALL" buttons. Selecting these will either pack all the maps extracted to the mods root or all of the Archives you have extracted.

Now this next feature is pretty cool also. If you click on the small square button near the bottom right ...


It opens this window ...

Here you can select the map, gamemode, and if you want it to load into the debugger or not. Click ok and it launches the map. Next time you want to load the map after edits just click the button with the "T" on it and it launches the map from the pervious setting. Cool huh?

Remember you can run these tools from the console (cmd window) or in a batch file. The instructions are in the RFA Tools folder in the MDT. I hope this tutorial has been of some help and "Happy Packing".



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