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AI Related Files

EA AI  Documents These are the EA AI documents written by Dice's own Tobias Karlsson. Now there are only three documents because they were never finished, we don't know why. They will be your Bible when working with the AI con files. This is a must have, must read if you plan to do any AI coding.

AI Related Tools

Battlefield Botinator 5  Here are the Battlefield Botinator files. Battlefield Botinator version 5 and a bf1942 test map.

Bot Factory V2.3MP Here is the new English version of the Bot factory by G0LeM_moja. The English version is thanks to Kryptic from Legion of the Dragon forums.

BFSAK Battlefield Swiss Army Knife by FourCentsShy. This is another must have tool and the only one where you can edit the smallones files. You can do small on the fly edits on the pathmaps also.

BF42 All Blk Here is a set of all black pathmaps for trouble shooting bf 1942 AI. There will be one soon for BFV. They can also be used to create pathmaps from scratch in Editor42.

Editor42 Since it looks like AudioGod is no longer hosting ED42 I have it here to D\L.

Here is Rexmans AI tool set and contains the "AI_Generate_For_Level" tool for turning the Level0 pathmap into dds terrain.

Mapping Tools

BFLight12 This is a tool by DEMIZE99 is for doing shadows and object lights manually. It was made before Battlecraft ver 2.1 for doing shadows\lightmaps for mods in version 2.0 but is still very useful if you want to set the lighting manually.

BFVLight11 This is the same program but for Battlefield Vietnam.

Editor42 Since it looks like AudioGod is no longer hosting ED42 I have it here to D\L.

SamplesMaker This is the tool to make the .samples files so you can make ObjectLightMaps for the custom static's in BF and BFV.


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