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This map is as yet unnamed. I haven't a clue at the moment what to name it either. Jumper contacted me sometime back if I could help her with the map and to add ai. I have left the name the same "test_texture" except copied to "test_texture_B" which is the map you will be down loading. Below you can see the before and after pictures. As you can see I have kept the basic layout as she sent it to me and finished it plus added the bots.  






This is the present beta (wip copy) version for test play. Remember that it is a beta and I can't even say it will open in conquest but it will in coop\sp on your locale machine. I will have a fully functional CQ, TDM, and CTF versions in the final copy but right now the priority is to make the map bot friendly first then add the other stuff.  This is a rough first copy for test play. If you have comments or questions post them in the Battlefield 1942 section of Battlefield Singleplayer Forums.  I have left stats on in this copy for a reason. Use them to gather info if you have comments.

Down load "jumpers & cajunwolfs"  test_texture_B (approx 5.9 mb winrar archive)

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